CSRD and Skin Update: 07/27/09

The CSRD has been updated to version Profiles have been updated and a few new characters have been added. Also a few bug fixes have been well...fixed. The Skin Engine has also been updated...which means you'll have to download the skins again, sorry. But as least I've made it easy this time and put all the skins in one Skin Pack.

CSRD Update: 3/15/09

The CSRD has been updated to version Profiles have been updated and a few new characters have been added.

CSRD and Add-Ons: 11/09/08

Announcing Version 3.0 of the CSRD! Its up and ready to be downloaded! Also, there are TWO new Add-Ons for the CSRD that you can find at the bottom of the programs page. The first is the CSReader and the second is the CS Search Bar. The CSReader allows you to download finished CSU stories and read them in the reader, and the CS Search Bar allows for you to search the CSRD without even having it open! The CS Note Keeper and the CS Family Tree have also had updates done to them. NOTE: If you already have the CS Note Keeper installed DO NOT install the one on this site, the check for updates in the CSRD will automatically update the CS Note Keeper when you download the CSRD 3.0.

CSRD and Skins: 10/05/08

The CSRD has an update! We're up to! Also there are a bunch of new skins being released tonight for the CSRD as well! Just be sure that with the new version of the CSRD you also update the skins that you already have, as some new things have been added to the skin code. Oh and the Cover for Memories Part Two is up on the Covers page! Enjoy!

PDF Update: 10/01/08

Thanks to the efforts of the amazing Jason Finigan of Jay's Web Nook we bring you the Story Ark by Akeentia in a PDF format! You will find that Ark is now right under One Door Closes in the PDF section.

CSRD Update: 07/27/08

The CSRD has another update! is out! There are a few bug fixes but mostly more characters have been added and notes have been updated!

CSRD Update: 07/16/08

The CSRD has an update! is out! No bug fixes this time, but more characters have been added and notes have been updated! ALSO three more skins have been added to the Skins page, and the Felis skin was added as a 4th. The Felis skin was in the last build of the installer but made it too large so we've made it a separate download.

CSRD Update: 05/18/08

The CSRD has an update! 2.5 is out! While it mostly fixed a few bugs the big feature this time around is the new Skin Manager! To find out more about the Skin Manager see the programs page!

PDF Update: 05/15/08

I went ahead and added the PDF for One Door Closes by Multimapper to the PDF sections. I was just waiting for his permission, which I got last week, and then the time to put it up! Happy Reading!

Site Update: 05/07/08

Just wanted to let you all know that we've got an amazing update for the CSRD coming out soon. It's not out yet, but it is well in the works and I must say I think you guys will really like what we're adding. There will be a post here and on the message board when that update is up.

Redesign: 05/07/08

Yep, a new site design! Just testing it out, learning CSS and all. Must say a thank you to the guys over at Free CSS Templates for the basic CSS template we're using here. I mean we definitly modified the heck out of it but without their help we wouldn't have had anything to modify. Still learning CSS and probably will be for a while.

Site Test: 05/06/08

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