Clan Short of Vulcan Family Crest

ClanShortCrestThis is the crest of Clan Short of Vulcan. It features both the IDIC (the vulcan symbol meaning Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) and the Federation symbol. On the right in Vulcan it spells out Short.

Founder Council Crest

FounderCrestThis is the Crest of the Founder Council from the First Cycle of Humanity. The council is responsible for the Ark. The text around the crest says "The Ark Project - Founder Council Archive Division." This crest is worn on the arm of any Founder uniform and also appears on most of their computer consoles.

AI Division Clan Short Crest

AIDivisionThis is the crest of Clan Short of Vulcan - AI Division. A variation of the afore mentioned Clan Short of Vulcan Crest with the AI Division logo added for identification. The AI Division logo includes the "AI Comet" as it is commonly known, which was the original logo of Vision Industries, Inc. (The company responsible for the presence of the androids now working under Clan Short.)

Federation Youth Services Crest

Youth ServicesThis is the crest of The United Federation of Planets - Youth Services.