Welcome to the CSUP Extras Site!

Here you'll be able to find all kinds of cool little extras that have been put together for your enjoyment.

  • The News section will have all of our updates, letting you know what was updated and when.
  • Programs has a really awesome roster program that can help you keep track of all the characters in the CSU. It also has two really cool add ons for it that make keeping track of the Clan even easier!
  • Pictures has anything from the Plaque from Memories part one to any other cool story related picture the authors or graphics team has cooked up.
  • Under Desktops you can find a few really cool CSU desktop backgrounds for your computer.
  • Crests is where you can find the Clan Short Crest and any other crests that will be used in the CSU.
  • PDFs is were you can find PDF versions of some of your favorite CSU stories.
  • Covers has story covers for a few of the CSU stories.
  • Calender is where you can find different calenders filled in with when the different events in the CSU happen. These will be release as we get them finished.
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